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SeaWeb is a Project of The Ocean Foundation, a unique community foundation with a mission to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. Our key programs are the Seafood Summit and the Summit Scholars, Speaking of Seafood, and the Seafood Champion Awards. To learn about how these programs create a nexus of support for seafood sustainability leadership, see How SeaWeb Works.

SeaWeb Seafood Summit–The world’s premier conference on seafood sustainability

The SeaWeb Seafood Summit brings together global representatives from the seafood industry with leaders from the conservation community, academia, government and the media. The goal of the Summit is to define success and advance solutions in sustainable seafood by fostering dialogue and partnerships that lead to a seafood marketplace that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. The conference is produced in partnership by SeaWeb and Diversified Communications. Read more >>

The Seafood Champion Awards—Recognizing individuals and companies for outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood

First presented in 2006, the Seafood Champion Awards annually recognize individuals and companies for outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood. SeaWeb established the award to honor those in the seafood industry whose past and/or present contributions demonstrate a commitment to innovation that leads to change. Read more >> 

Speaking of Seafood—Building business value for sustainability

Speaking of Seafood aims to create value for sustainability by amplifying replicable industry success stories while engaging issue-leaders to guide the way. The result is a powerful asset: a tool to help you “brand” sustainable seafood as successful, positive and valuable—whether you are a consumer or buyer of seafood

Seafood stakeholders have voiced a need for a reliable source for consolidated information about sustainable seafood. While some content is available on websites and in the seafood trade media, there is no single, go-to source for information about seafood sustainability. At the same time, relevant stories about sustainability leaders’ work and their success stories are not reaching a broad enough audience. Speaking of Seafood’s goal is to address these communications gaps.  Read more >>

Summit Scholars—Bringing new voices and unique perspectives into the sustainability community

SeaWeb’s Summit Scholars Program provides support to individuals from targeted stakeholder groups to allow them to attend the SeaWeb Seafood Summit. These under-represented voices bring valuable perspectives into the sustainability dialogue at the Summit, and in turn take ideas and knowledge from the Summit back to their home communities. Relationships formed at the Summit often lead to longstanding collaborations that advance sustainability in new parts of the globe and under-engaged sectors.

Scholars receive full or partial funding for Summit-related travel as well as professional support at the Summit that includes Summit orientation, mentoring, and networking support. Read more >>

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