How SeaWeb Works

SeaWeb’s four programs each have independent impacts, but are deliberately complementary in order to engage seafood stakeholders at different points in their sustainability journey.

  • Speaking of Seafood—building business value for sustainable practices
  • Seafood Summit—the world’s premier conference on seafood sustainability
  • Seafood Champion Awards —recognizing outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood
  • Summit Scholars—supporting leadership in the global seafood marketplace


We’ll follow “Louise,” a fisherman’s association and community leader, on her journey toward sustainability through SeaWeb’s work.

Graphic showing concentric cercles with text: 1: Louise reads an article on Speaking of Seafood. 2: Louise is awarded a Summit scholarship. 3: Louise attends the Seafood Summit 4: Louise is nominated for a Seafood Champion Award. 5: Louise shares her story on Speaking of Seafood

Speaking of Seafood

Louise is seeing competition in her fishery leading to an unhealthy situation. A colleague shares a Speaking of Seafood article with her about Sea Pact and pre-competitive collaboration in seafood. She’s able to illustrate behavior change happening in the industry and start changing minds on the water.

The Speaking of Seafood program is designed both to deepen the impact of the incredible thought-leadership convened through our work, and to provide a platform on which to amplify the good work of those leading partners. For seafood stakeholders, SoS can be a moment of discovery, or the arrow in their quiver when selling sustainability within their company. Through SoS we hope to start the conversation, and bring a global group of seafood stakeholders into the sustainability movement.

In order to address the needs of the seafood industry for actionable information and tools to encourage uptake of sustainable practices, we created the SoS program. SoS consists of web-based content – online modules, articles, peer-reviewed science, videos, graphics and other tools – produced collaboratively with our many industry and NGO partners.

SeaWeb invited the World Cocoa Foundation to contribute to a group Q&A with experts on supply chain transparency. Through collaboration we identified a WCF director as a potential speaker at a Seafood Summit workshop on pre-competitive collaboration. We got tremendous feedback on the cross-sector collaboration.

Speaking of Seafood featured and amplified the work of more than 25 partners in its first year.


Summit Scholars

Louise is invited to participate in the Scholars program as a mentor to another fishing association leader trying to encourage better practices in their community.

The Summit Scholars program does more than bring people to the Summit who may not otherwise be able; it integrates them into the conversations and community of the Summit, provides networks, mentorship and learning. The Scholars also represent the growth of the sustainability movement, and efforts to broaden the dialogue globally, and engage with a new set of stakeholders.

In order to create an industry movement that is inclusive of all those who affect it, SeaWeb offers scholarships to participate in the Seafood Summit. At the Summit, Scholars are paired with “Mentors” who are leading in parts of the seafood industry relevant to that scholar. Through a series of group meetings and 1-on-1 time with their mentors at the Summit, scholars are able to build their own networks, gain confidence, and bring their experience back to their communities. After the Summit, the Scholars remain engaged with SeaWeb and each other to create lasting impact.

Joining the community

Seafood Summit

Louise joins a panel focused on fishing vessel technology and bycatch mitigation on the water. In developing the panel, Louise forms invaluable connections with fellow panelists from around the globe.

The SeaWeb Seafood Summit is where the conversation comes together, where alliances are formed, and where solutions are discovered. The Summit has long been SeaWeb’s flagship program, and rests at the core of our work. Here we convene thought leaders, identify the most pressing issues in seafood, and provide platforms for cross-sector collaboration and solution-focused dialogue. The Summit is the ultimate value-add for seafood stakeholders, whether they’re leaders in the sustainability movement or just joining the conversation.

The Seafood Summit is an international conference that brings together seafood stakeholders from more than 35 countries around the globe. Through workshops, sessions, networking events, lightning rounds, field trips and more, stakeholders are able to share, learn and ultimately do business with like-minded companies and organizations with an emphasis on sustainable, responsible product. From Champions to Scholars, this is where it all comes together.

Here at the Summit I actually find myself more productive on the business development side than I would be at some of the [larger seafood events]. I find the work that I do here in market development is far more productive simply because the folks in the industry that are in this room are already engaged in the process… It allows me to have a much more detailed and robust conversation than it would normally.

Neil Radix

Managing Director North America, BlueYou

Seafood Champions

After years of leadership and dedication, Louise is nominated for a Champion Award. She and her community are filled with pride and others notice their efforts.

Nothing like a race to encourage getting off the edge and into the water. The Seafood Champion Awards are the ultimate recognition of leading efforts toward more sustainable, responsible fisheries and aquaculture.

Through the Summit, sustainability leaders are built. Through the Seafood Champion Awards, exceptional individuals and organizations are recognized for their inspirational work toward sustainable, responsible seafood. Four Champions are selected from a pool of 16 finalists in the categories of Leadership, Innovation, Vision, and Advocacy. Many winners go on to serve as Mentors in the Scholars program, sharing knowledge and experience back down through the community. The media generated from the award also helps raise awareness of specific issues – regional or global – and emboldens the Champions to increase their own efforts.


Marks & Spencer
Henry Lovejoy
Lisa Lovejoy
Rick Moonen
Jacques Pepin
Dierk Peters
Barry Estabrook


Gilles Bernard
Mathias Ismail
Caroline Bennett
Carol Divine
Josh Goldman
Gary Johnson
Carl Nish
Natalie Webster


Austral Fisheries
Mia Isaacs
Yao Ming
Jimmy Martinez Ortiz
Francois Pasteau
Victor Hamusa Kargbo
Sophie Benbow
Thomas Kraft
Bill Taylor


Ned Bell
International Pole & Line Foundation
Susi Pudjiastuti
Matt Baudin
FISH-i Africa


Jeff Boyer
Matthew Lachesnez-Heude
Willy Seitz
Fidele Bauccio
Peter Redmond
Frontera Grill & Topolobampo Restaurants


Jedna Deida
Marjo Broertjes
Laura Dijkstra
Steve Broughton
Andrew Nicholson
Howard Johnson
Helene York


Andrew Jackson, IFFO
Ayumu Katano
Environmental Justice Foundation
Anova Foods Fishing & Living
Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods
TJ Tate, Gulf W


Thierry Guigue
Bart van Olphen
Mike Mitchell
Sally Eason
Wes Eason
Barton Seaver
Mary Smith
Lila Waldron


Robert Clark
Harry Kambolis
Olivier Roellinger
Peter Weeden
Phil Gibson
Dune Lankard
Steve Phillips


Parties to the Nauru Agreement
Ministry for Fisheries & Agriculture, Maldives
Ally Dingwall, Sainsbury’s
Crystal Sea Fishing

Coming Full Circle

Sustainability is an evolving journey, not a clearly defined end goal. When the Summit ends, the Champions have been crowned, and the Scholars return to their communities, the work continues with refreshed vigor and affirmation—and with the support of new and strengthened alliances, courageous ideas, and a sense of optimism. 

Louise is inspired to tell her story via SoS, a fisherman on another continent emails her for advice after reading it.

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