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Highlights from the 2017 SeaWeb Seafood Summit

The 2017 SeaWeb Seafood Summit was held June 5-7 at the Westin, Seattle Washington USA. The Summit welcomed 596 registered attendees and guests from 36 countries to a program with 135 speakers, 31 sessions, a workshop and a field trip.The Summit’s theme was “Evolving today’s trends into tomorrow’s sustainable markets. ” Key sessions centered on pre-competitive collaboration, communications, transparency, and human rights/social sustainability.

Seafood Champion Awards

2017 Seafood Champions announced at Seafood Summit!

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SeaWeb Seafood Summit

Seafood sustainability leaders gathered in Seattle for the 2017 Seafood Summit, June 5-7, 2017.

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The Case for Transparency

A Speaking of Seafood learning module

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Seafood and Sustainable Protein Consumption

A Speaking of Seafood learning module

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Pre-Competitive Collaboration in Seafood

A Speaking of Seafood learning module

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New from SeaWeb

Science you can use: supply chain transparency

Fishing fleet at night with text overlay: The Case for TransparencyConcerns over such issues as food safety and health, food production impacts, and unfair pricing have long been addressed by food reform and consumer advocacy movements. A recurrent theme, however, underlies past and current efforts in reforming food systems: simply, to restore or build trust in food and food product claims. Transparency initiatives are now seen as central to meeting those objectives. Read more >>

2017 Seafood Champions honored

Seafood Champions in a line holding their awards in Chihuly gardens, Seattle

A fearless fisheries minister who’s led a high-profile campaign against harmful fishing practices, a collective effort to combat large-scale illegal fishing in East Africa, two chefs who step far outside their kitchens to promote sustainable seafood, and a foundation breaking new ground in preemptive protection of Indian Ocean tuna are SeaWeb’s 2017 Seafood Champions. The announcement came at an awards ceremony held 5 May 2017 at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Seattle, Washington, USA. Read More >>

Target: a case study on transparency

ship breaking yard by Jashim Salam

Different supply chains have different challenges — in seafood, the number of species and fisheries is massive; in textiles, the supply chain may start in someone’s home; and in furniture, a single chair may have a dozen sources of wood. Target has to deal with them all – their business model requires them to work across a huge array of supply chains. In order to maintain consumer trust across their products, Target has doubled down on their goal of achieving transparency in those supply chains. Read more >>


From our partners

Japan’s Seafood Champion makes case for sustainability in new book

Book cover: The Real Reason for Japan's Fishery Collapse

Japanese author Ayumu Katano, winner of the 2015 SeaWeb Seafood Champion Award for Advocacy, continues his campaign to inform Japanese decision makers and the public with the publication of “The Real Reason for Japan’s Fisheries Collapse” (Wedge Publications, 2016).. Read more >>

2017 Seafood Champion, Chef Ned Bell, publishes first book, Lure

cover of Lure, cookbook by Ned Bell

Ned Bell, executive chef for Ocean Wise, founder of Chefs for Oceans, and 2017 Seafood Champion winner for Advocacy, has published his first book. Lure is packed with great Pacific Ocean recipes and sustainability lessons. Order your copy today >>

Sea Pact brings unique value to alliance community

Sea Pact photoThe Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions and Sea Pact are proud to announce their official partnership. Sea Pact has signed on as the newest collaborator organization to the Alliance, both sharing the common goal of improving ocean health and ensuring a long-term supply of seafood. Read more >>

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