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Speaking of Seafood

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Seafood Champion Awards

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Seafood Champion Awards

2017 Finalists revealed in lead-up to Seafood Expo North America

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SeaWeb Seafood Summit

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Seafood and Sustainable Protein Consumption

A Speaking of Seafood learning module

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Pre-Competitive Collaboration in Seafood

A Speaking of Seafood learning module

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New from SeaWeb

Supply chain transparency: a panel interview with the experts

Pelagic Data Systems installing device

We sat down with experts and innovators of supply chain transparency, in seafood and beyond, to better understand the value proposition for pursuing and achieving transparency. We wanted to understand how companies are treating transparency as a business opportunity rather than an obstacle. Read more >>

Environmental Defense Fund and Walmart: a case study on transparency

fish processing facility

Since setting up an office in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2007, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has made impressive strides with Walmart to improve the social and environmental sustainability and responsibility of their myriad supply chains. Walmart is emerging as an unlikely leader amongst large-scale brands when it comes to addressing supply chain challenges and being open about them. By setting big-picture goals, and identifying environmental and social hot spots in supply chains, even large-scale retailers can change significantly for the better; the ripple effect can be enormous. Read More >>

Blueyou: a case study on transparency

small scale tuna fishermen

In February 2017, Blueyou announced the first dual-certified Fair Trade and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seafood product: canned skipjack tuna fished from the Maldives. The Maldives is square in the middle of the Indian Ocean—an area heavily fraught with fisheries management challenges. So how, and why, did Blueyou manage to improve transparency in their supply chains, achieving dual certification, for one of the most challenging species and regions? Read more >>


From our partners

Sustainable Seafood Coalition: impact and progress two years on

seafood market, by Ted McGrath

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition has announced that 97% of voluntary claims made by SSC members are clear, consistent and in line with voluntary codes. Learn more about the first comprehensive study of the implementation of these codes, and the positive impact they are having. Read more >>

FishWise releases updated white papers on social responsibility and traceability

small-boat fishermanFishWise recently released updated versions of their in-depth white papers on traceability and social responsibility in seafood. The goal is to “create connections across businesses, organizations, and governments to spark conversation and action as to how seafood stakeholders can collaborate to help eliminate human rights abuses and illegal products from supply chains.”  Read more >>

Keystone Dialogues

Video screen shotWhat happens when eight of the world’s largest seafood businesses collaborate pre-competitively for the future sustainability of ocean resources? Learn more about the Keystone Dialogues. Can these “keystone actors” make waves in the seafood industry? Watch the video >>

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